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SpamZapper Features

It doesn't matter whether you get SPAM at HOME, the Office, or from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), we have solutions installed for each of these configurations.
  • Businesses -
    Our Redundant Solutions include the distribution of Email over multiple Servers for Redundant, Reliable, and Ready-to-Run solutions.
    • In-House Solutions - Our In-House Solutions are built are your Company's need. We provide solutions to support: LDAP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP and More. We can integrate into your company's existing Corporate Network environment, or we can provide a Redundant replacement.
    • Stream & Forward - The is our ASP Solution. The Stream & Forward configuration permits us to Rapidly deploy our filtering solution. We route your Email to our Facilities, and the forward it directly to your existing Email Architecture. This is the perfect solution for Dynamically connected DSL Accounts, or for companies without an IT Staff which are attempting to outsource their IT department.
  • ISPs
    We have developed Customized in-house solutions which support the existing environments for your customers. We have been using Email since 1985, let us build the solution to fit your needs. We has solutions for small (several hundred), medium (several thousand), or large (several hundred thousand). We are internationally recognized as experts in Networking, Enterprise Management, and Security.
    • Redundant - all of our installations are configured for redundant support of the capture of Email for the customer. By deploying our cost effective solution on multiple servers, we are able to load balance the delivery of Email better.
    • Virus Scanning - Our SPAM Filtering Tools provide a Convenient place to host the Virus Scanning Tools for your environment. We have several tools which have been Very Reliable for our purpose, and will recommend them, or make use of the tools which you have licenses to use.
    • Multiple Domains - As with most ISPs, we develop our Products to meet your Company's implementation of equipment, Web Domains, User Quotas .... Special orders don't upset us!
  • Internet Users - For those Internet Users which currently do not have the protection of Real-Time Virus Rejection, and SPAM Filtering we offer on-line solutions for you. We can support your existing Email connections, and permit you to retrieve all of your email (even from multiple accounts) from our on-line services. We can also show you how to eliminate the POP-ups in your Internet Browser. Best of all, Our solutions are FREE to our subscribers.
    • 10 MB of On-line Storage - making use of our Services can Double or Triple your on-line storage.
    • New E-Mail Address - Some people like the idea of switching their Email address, why not try
    • Keep your existing Email Address - You don't need to change your existing Email, as we can fetch your Email from any number of ISP Connections to Filter your Email for you!
    • Viruses Scanning - All of your Email is now Scanned BEFORE you get it to remove the dangerous Viruses from your Email.
    • Friends & Foes - We will accept a complete listing of your existing Email friends (White List), to prevent them from getting filtered as SPAM. If you also have a list of users you don't want to receive Email from, we can accept them in our Foe's (Black List) listing.
    • Multiple Address Support - We will support the retrieval of your Email for up to ten different addresses, and consolidate them to our Email Servers.
    • POP3 or IMAP - Now you can select whether or not you use the Traditional POP3 Email Retrieval, or the NEWER IMAP protocol for retrieving your Email.
    • Many More Features - There are many more features for Internet Users, and we continue to add to this list to help to improve your Internet Experience.
  • Mailing Lists -
    For each of Internet Customers which signs on, or transfers their service to us, we offer a FREE Mailing List for up to 50 members. Use it for your Church Group, Boy Scout Troop (we are already hosting several), Civic Association, or for whatever focus group you want.

    We support Secure Sendmail installations, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, Bayesian Filter and Procmail supported filtering. We can Tailor the Filtering process to pre-sort the Email into separate folders, Permit your EMail Tools filter, or any of a number of combinations.

    Let us Tailor a Solution for your needs. We are Certified in Homeland Security.

    Feel free to Email us on-line at

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