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Improving your security Protects your Identity. You need SpamZapper to eliminate (not filter) SPAM, SpyWare, Phishing attacks and more.

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SPAMZapper - Spam elimination & Internet Security for your Network!

SpamZapper is our Best of Breed Spam elimination, Virus Scanning, and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which is developed for use on the Internet. SpamZapper is available for businesses in a maintenance free solution for business, or an in-house solution. We also can provide on-site training and educational programs to compliment our services.

While many reports are developing about the suspected origins of SPAM (aka. junkmail) , we have developed more Secure and Efficient Tools for Dealing with the spam. The BEST part of our solution, is that we have developed a multi-layered product which is compatible with all operating systems (i.e. Windows, Macintosh, BeOS, Unix, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux to name a few). Here are a list of a few of our SpamZapper Features.

Virus writers have evolved the general purpsoe of the virus from a malicious attack mechanism, to one that performs reconnaissance of your network environment, and reports it back to the attackers. Just when you get rid of them, they stike again, and again, and again. Our solutions prevent their intrustions, and will reduce your network traffic immediately. You will have an immediate return on investment (ROI), as soon as we are connected.

We are Certified Solution Experts and Trainers in:
  •   Network/Server Penetration Testing
  •   Intrusion Detection (Network & Server)
  •   CVE Testing and Remediation
  •   Security Policies - Development & Review
  •   Risk Assessment and Analysis
  •   Network Planning/Architecture
  •   Security Audits
  •   Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
With more than 20 Years of experience, and installations world-wide, we have the experience your company needs now.

Email is not just Email any more. For some it is the Cat and mouse used for detecting the resources hidden within. With others the overwhelming compliance of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or Sarbanes-Oxley Act is undanting and complex. The SpamZapper protects your Confidential information, and is easily configured to permit Remote reporting and authorized use. Graphical reporting promotes compliance from within, while also developing a Durable wall from external visitors.

We will implement a completely sutomized solution for your needs as part of our installation services. We have been filtering Email for Jay Beale of since July of 2004. Jay has indicated that we save him from countless Spam and Virus Messages. With our customizable filtering environment you have direct access to filtering for your Domain, Buiness or Email Account. Let's Get started today!
The SPAM Zapper is Battle Tested and Internet Ready. We can integrate the SPAM Zapper into your existing environment. Call us to Deploy it now.

We are Certified in Homeland Security.
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If you would like to join our Information List,
Please sign-up Using our on-line Mailing List.
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