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 Mailing Lists with Spam and Virus filtering built-in
Whether you are communicating to a few friends or organizing the latest project for the Office, we provide FREE Mailing List Management for our Customers desiring to communicate anyone via a Mailing List. Our List Management Software remains to be the most current and easy to manage software available.
Mailing Lists are an convenient way to communicate to Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Staff ..... We Provide a SAFE, Private, and Easily Managed method for communicating to anyone you choose as a Member of your Mailing List. Your First List is free with your subscription! Think about it, what more Safe and Practical way can you have to communicate with your Family and Friends to any Address under I use mine to replace the Mailing list.

That's SPAM and Virus free communications on our Servers for YOUR Email distribution List. You decide who you want on your Mailing List, and who can subscribe. We'll provide the SPAM and Virus Scanning, and we'll provide the Mailing List Manager (you) with any E-mail which is being attempted from outside your mailing list's membership. YOU Decide who you want to send and accept E-mail from for your mailing list.

Here are the features of MailMan v. 1.2 - Our Mailing List Manager of Choice.

Here's a brief description of the new features in Mailman 2.1 The NEWS file contains a detailed summary of all new features.

  • Through-the-web list creation and removal (with automatic support depending on the MTA)
  • Multi-lingual support: list web pages and email notices can be in any of nearly two dozen supported language, configurable per-site, per-list, and per-user
  • "Real name" support for members
  • Much better password-less operation for simple user tasks.
  • Support for personalized deliveries and VERP-like message delivery for foolproof bounce detection
  • Emergency moderation
  • MIME-based content filtering, with demime/stripmime like options
  • Regular expression based topic filtering
  • Better membership management, including searching
  • Re-organized administrative requests pages
  • Moderated newsgroup support
  • A new architecture for the mail delivery subsystem, removing the dependence on cron, for better responsiveness and scalability
  • New moderation and privacy controls
  • Invitations
  • Autoresponse governors
  • Users can now change some of their delivery options globally, for all lists at a site, including their password, delivery status, real name, etc.
  • Much better MIME and I18n support in the archiver
  • A separate "list moderator" role has been added
  • Urgent: header support (bypasses digests to reach all users immediately).
Here is a short summary of other features in Mailman. For details, please see the on-line documentation.
  • Web based list administration for nearly all tasks, including list configuration, moderation (post approvals), management of user accounts.
  • Web based subscribing and unsubscribing, and user configuration management. Users can temporarily disable their accounts, select digest modes, hide their email addresses from other members, etc.
  • A customizable home page for each mailing list.
  • Per-list privacy features, such as closed-subscriptions, private archives, private membership rosters, and sender-based posting rules.
  • Configurable (per-list and per-user) delivery mode
    • Regular (immediate) delivery
    • MIME digest
    • Plain (RFC 1153) digests
  • Integrated bounce detection within an extensible framework. Automatic disposition of bouncing addresses (disable, unsubscribe).
  • Integrated spam filters
  • Built-in web-based archiving, with hooks for external archivers such as MHonArc.
  • Integrated Usenet gatewaying.
  • Integrated auto-replies.
  • Majordomo-style email based commands.
  • Multiple list owners and moderators are possible.
  • Support for virtual domains.
  • Runs on GNU/Linux and most Un*x-like systems, compatible with most web servers and browsers, and most SMTP servers. Requires Python 2.1.3 or newer.
  • An extensible mail delivery pipeline.
  • High-performance mail delivery, with a scalable architecture.
We have been running and Managing Mailing Lists for more than 10 years. Who do you want to have running your Mailing Lists for you?
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