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  About Us was designed to provide an additional defense level for Email in use by the Internet Community. Developed by ABS Computer Technology, Inc., we provide a Multi-layered solution for Businesses, ISPs and now individual users. The SPAM Zapper is yet another tool in your Defense in Depth Strategy for Corporate and Personal Security. Developed with our experience on the Internet, we registered our first Domain in 1995.

We developed the Spam reduction Best Practices Guide for our work with the Pittsburgh FBI and the InfraGard. As sponsors and Security Consultants we developed the Spam Zapper, for ISPs, businesses and Internet Users.

We work with Law Enforcement Agencies to go after the Spammers under the Federal CAN SPAM Legislation. If you have SPAM (you received while being our customer) that you think is in violation of CAN SPAM, we'll gladly forward it to the proper Authorities for you.

We have the Tools to identify the abuser, While placing the offending SPAM (Identity Theft Scam, Porn, UCE, Marketing ...) in a Safe Place, so that YOU have the final say on whether or not to review it, or delete it. We'll keep you safe with Virus Rejection as well. We are all about protecting your Privacy, Security, and being able to Send/Receive Email.

We could get very technical on the processes we have deployed, but that would only give the people sending the SPAM more information about our processes. As you can see from the graph below more than 84% ((37,339 Spam Messages / 44,004 Email Message in) * 100%) = 84.85% of the InComing Email is Tagged as SPAM. - This does not include the 15,000 Rejected Email messages, which never reach the Mail Server. These are only Two of the factors that help us claim more that 98% SPAM Elimination, with No False Positives.

(The image above is an active image to our filtering servers. Click it to display a larger view.)
While there are MANY Benefits to our Products and Services, we would like to show you how we can save you time, money, and improve your compliance with your Company's Security obligations. We have developed a low cost strategy for implementing SPAM/Virus/Content filtering, using Multi-layered integration. Let us develop a solution for your needs.

I would invite you to Contact me for More Information. You can reach me on-line at

Albert E. Whale, CHS CISA CISSP
President, ABS Computer Technology, Inc.

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