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  SpamZapper - Email and Internet security.

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SPAMZapper - Eliminates Spam, not just filter

Improving your security Protects your Identity. You need SpamZapper to eliminate (not filter) SPAM, SpyWare, Phishing attacks and more.

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  SpamZapper is the Best Email Protection available today. Automated filtering, combined with Intrusion prevention, along with a Web Interface which also permits you to customize the Spam Zapper environment to best suit your needs. Our Web Interfaces permits Domain Administrators full authority over the entire domain, and yet also permits you to allow cutomization by authorized users (your CIO, CEO and CSO may decide to implement different settings). Internet Worms MyDoom, MyMail, Bagle, Netsky .... spread via the Internet Mail Servers. Internet Users are targets from three different groups of Virus writers. Read about the E-mail users caught in virus feud. The SPAM Zapper is blocking these worms without needing to be shut down, we scan all Email for Viruses, Trojans and Malware. Are your Mail Servers Up or Down? SpamZapper provides complete Email Filtering Selection criteria for a totally customized service for your company's needs. Our GUI configuration tools are easy to use and make you an expert filtering specialist.

Our spam filtering process also detects spyware, malware and is 100% compatible with Windows, Internet Explorer, Mac, Mozzilla, Netscape, Konquerer, Firebird, Pine, Novell and other smtp based mail tools.

SpamZapper - how much email & time do you waste on Spam?  
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  Firewalls don't stop spam, we do.
  SpamZapper is Spam elimination &
  Email security.

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Stop trying to Filter Spam!

SpamZapper is the Spam Eliminator.
While other services attempt to filter through the Spam, and give you scanned spam. SpamZapper eliminates the Spam, and let's you read Email!

Spam really does stop here!
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Internet Security is essential today. The SpamZapper has been protecting the email accounts of Security Professionals, including the accounts for Jay Beale and the Bastille Linux Domain. SpamZapper is the customizable choice for other Security professionals as well.

Developed by Security Professional, used by Security Professionals, now you can select the SpamZapper to improve the security at your organization today.

Tired of Image Based Spam? We are, so we implemented image scanning in SpamZapper to eliminate the Stock, Perscription and other Spam Messages which are sent to you via the images. You can read the Ides of March about here.

Email and Internet Security

The SPAMZapper has more than 12 years of development for Email Security and Filtering. Initially developed to filter Spam from Internet Email, Spam Zapper has evolved into a cost-effective tool for eliminating Spam, Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Phishing Attacks and other malware from your Email.

SpamZapper is now proteted with our Active Defense, for true IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). Not only are we stopping the Spam, but we are also providing protection for your network environment as well. We are certain that you will see a difference, as soon as SpamZapper is started. We have recorded results with more than 90% reduction in network traffic.

Filter your Email BEFORE you download it to your PC!

Our SpamZapper solution is performed on the Mail Server, making it the Best Choice for Business and ISPs

  • Filtering on the Mail Server improves Corporate Security.
  • Greatly improves Network Performance - by eliminating unwanted Spam and network attacks
  • Reduces the load on your PC
  • Minimizes Maintenance on your network, are updating your environment?
  • Eliminates SPAM, Viruses, and the potential for Phishing attacks (Indentity Theft)
  • Improves productivity
  • Now with Intrusion Prevention, integrated IPS for a more secure environment
  • Protects ISPs, Businesses, Utilities ...
  • Eliminate the need to delete Spam messages
  • Your ROI - in less than 30 minutes with increased productivity!
Our Email Hosting was one of the First in the Industry. SpamZapper Secure email hosting filters the inbound email for your Domain, leaving you with valid email. Not only do we protect your Email, but we are also protecting you from the malicious internet attacks.

Setup can be made within minutes, not hours or days. We'll keep your Filtering up to date, and state of the art, which means BIG Savings for you in maintenance fees.

SpamZapper includes a completely hardened environment for your Email as well as the Best in Class Security. Here are a list of a few of our SpamZapper Features.

Some of our customer testimonials are here:

We have developed the SpamZapper approach with more than 12 years of experience in Internet Mail system construction (including sendmail, postfix ....). If you have Spam or Virus attacks in your network, we can stop them today!

Call us to today, and we can begin protecting you too! Our office is reachable at 412-635-7488 for more information.


Internet Security Starts here. Security is one of the hottest topics in our society today. Everyone wants to be more secure while on- line

Our Internet Security 101 Guide is available here!
Does your Email System provide graphical details for your environment?

We include graphical analysis, you can see more information on our No-JunkMail Web Site


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